Friday, November 10, 2006

Beit Hanoun

Apologies for a very short (and belated) update, but if you are now aware of the unfolding situation in Gaza, here's the short version. Israeli artillery fire in the Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun killed 19 people and wounded 40. All were civilians.

For more information and to make your voice heard, visit Jewish Voice for Peace and their action alert

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Occupied Voices: Palestinian Poet Mahmud Darwish

This poem came my way via the blog "Raising Yosef" Enjoy.

The siege is lying in wait.
It is lying in wait on a tilted stairway
in the midst of a storm.

We are alone. We are alone to the point
of drunkenness with our own aloneness,
with the occasional rainbow visiting.

We have brothers and sisters overseas..
kind sisters, who love us
who look our way and weep.
And secretly they say
"I wish that siege was here, so that I could..."
But they cannot finish the sentence.
Do not leave us alone. No.
Do not leave us alone.

Our losses are between two and eight a day.
And ten are wounded.
Twenty homes are gone.
Forty olive groves destroyed,
in addition to the structural damage
afflicting the veins of the poem, the play,
and the unfinished painting.

(Mahmud Darwish, A State of Siege, 2002, translated by Ramsis Amun)

Monday, November 06, 2006

"Breaking the Silence" Israeli Soldiers Speak Out

Breaking the Silence is one of the most interesting and important Israeli organizations working to educate the world about the situation in the Occupied West Bank, especially in the city of Hebron, a place near to my heart. For those of you living in the Northwest, don't miss this presentation. And for rest of you, check out this interview. - J, I Saw it in Palestine

"Breaking the Silence: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out"
Tuesday, November 7, 7pm
Friends Meeting Hall
4312 SE Stark Street, Portland

Two former Israeli soldiers, Dotan Greenvald and Yehuda Shaul, will
speak about their experiences serving the Israeli occupation in the
West Bank. Greenvald and Shaul are members of "Breaking the Silence",
an organization dedicated to revealing the day-to-day character of the
military occupation of Palestinian land and communities. For more
information, please call 503/344-5078 or write to