Thursday, December 08, 2005

These two videos are some of the saddest I have ever seen, though they are so simple and it is a situation I have been so close to. In these video (which are continuations of the same event) a member of CPT shouts at Israeli soldiers who are starting to shoot a Palestinian children throwing rocks. The CPTers shouts "You don't want to kill a child! You will have that on your head your whole life." The soldier raises the gun. And the CPTer keeps shouting, louder and longer this time, "God did not make you to shoot children!"

And I want to cry and shout myself. How is it that all we are able to do is shout to soldiers who just threaten us with arrest and try to scare us. Why is this all we have learned of the power of love? Has God abandoned us to wander and wait, impotent, in a wilderness of militarism?

And yet, when and where have there been outsiders in place to scream the cries of conscience as soldiers raises their guns to children? May all the voices of conscience, Israeli, Palestinian, and international, grow until they are deafening. And may we be shouting love.

Clip 1:
Clip 2:

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