Thursday, February 01, 2007

Announcing the publication of 100 Chemis Pour La Paix en Palestine, 100 Doves for Peace in Palestine by Samih Abu Zakieh!

Congratulations, Samih!

Today I learned that that the words and art work of my friend Samih Abu Zakieh has finally made it to the world stage. 100 Doves for Peace in Palestine has been published in Canada! Those of you paying careful, and undue, attention to this blog may remember that I was involved in editing this lovely book while I was in Bethlehem this summer. I'm so excited that the world now has access to this wonderful story of determination, cooperation, hope, and peace.

100 Doves for Peace in Palestine includes all 100 of Samih's intricate drawings as well as the remarkable story behind. Samih Abu Zakieh is an artist living in Hebron who drew these doves while living under curfew. In this book, Samih shares his own hopes for a world in which children smile and the peace of Jerusalem is restored. Although Samih's doves were drawn under terrible circumstances - Samih and his fellow Hebronites spent most of the year trapped in their own houses under Israeli military curfew - Samih's book rings with hope.

I'm not sure if this addition is trilingual - Arabic, French, and English - or published just in French, but Samhi's drawings transcend language. Pick up a copy for yourself or request that your local library purchases one!

Image above copyright of Samhi Abu Zakieh. Kindly respect his ownership.

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