Monday, March 31, 2008

It never stops: more about Shaadi

A few days ago, I went running to Khoruba after I was told that settlers had hit Shaadi with a rock. On the way, I heard a huge bang that sounded like gun shots. I arrived to find Shaadi in quite a state. Settlers from Havot Ma'on had shot two of his sheep and his large ram (the most valuable animal in his herd.) The sheep were wounded and Shaadi was distraught. I started photographing the injuries and then watched as Shaadi gave his testimony to various Israeli authorities. He must have told his story 20 times that day.
In the end, some three hours later, I videotaped as one sheep and the ram were loaded into a police van and taken away from Shaadi. A few days later, I talked to one of Shaadi's daughters. She told me that the sheep and ram in custody died and Shaadi lays awake all night.

Here's the release we put out with the full story:

Israeli Settlers Shoot and Wound Palestinian Sheep and Goat near At-Tuwani
Settlers from the illegal outpost of Havat Ma’on fired five shots into a
Palestinian flock of sheep and goats late Wednesday morning, badly
wounding a sheep and a large male goat. The shooting took place on
Palestinain land in Khoruba valley near the village of At-Tuwani in the
South Hebron Hills. A second sheep, believed by shepherds to have also
been wounded, fled into the valley and could not be found.

Israeli police and Army personnel arrived shortly after noon and spoke
with the owner of the sheep, a shepherd from the nearby village of Magayer
al Abeed. Two settlers, armed with automatic weapons, arrived at about
2:00 PM and spoke with the Israeli police and Army personnel. The settlers
attempted to prevent international volunteers from Christian Peacemaker
Teams (CPT) from filming, and threatened to take video cameras and tapes
from them and have them arrested. The CPT volunteers observed the
settlers remove the written police report from the police vehicle and then
return it after several minutes.

Several Palestinian shepherds from surrounding villages arrived at the
scene and told Police that they heard five shots fired at about 11:00 that
morning. They said they were unable to use their grazing land that day
due to the violence. At roughly a 4:00 pm the Police left the scene,
taking both injured animals with them.

Palestinian shepherds in the area and volunteers working with Christian
Peacemaker Teams report that Settler violence directed at Shepherds in the
Tuwani Area has increased sharply in March. On multiple occasions both
Settlers and Army Personnel have injured Palestinian-owned animals.

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