Sunday, May 25, 2008

Video: Closed Military Zone in the South Hebron Hills


ren_crow said...

I just hope you know that even though there arent many comments left by readers, alot of people are reading ARE reading your blog..

alajnabiya said...

How much does this limit the people from grazing their flocks? Is there farm land included too? Do Tuwani's villagers have deeds to this land? Are they ever shown the orders in Arabic? So many questions, I know. Like why doesn't the world care???

joy_in_palestine said...

such good questions, alajnabiya. I'll answer all of them, but now I've got to get some sleep before I fly to chicago tomorrow.

Hugo van Randwyck said...

Hey, just found your blog.
Is anybody looking for some positive actions?
There is a new initiative for Palestinian refugees/diaspora to vote, also linking voter registration to ancestral towns/villages:

Approx 2 million+ voters

How about asking the question: 'When will Palestinian politicians give a date for voter registration of Palestinian refugees/diaspora? also linking to ancestral towns/villages?'.

Maybe also organising elections 1 week before elections for the Knesset!

joy_in_palestine said...

Thanks, ren_crow. I really appreciate the encouragement.