Friday, February 27, 2009

Gaza's Children "will be terrorists in about 20 years anyway."

The video documents Israeli army harassment of local Palestinians as well as the soldiers' dismaying attitude toward the widespread killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. A soldier says, in full view of the camera, that the children killed in Gaza "will be terrorists in about 20 years anyway."

This video documents an incident of Israeli army harassment in the village of Mufaqara. (see At-Tuwani Release: Soldiers Kill Palestinian Migrant Worker, Increase Harassment of Villagers in South Hebron Hills, February 12, 2009). Mufaqara is a Palestinian village in the South Hebron Hills in the occupied West Bank. I'll stop here - I know the people in this video and it's very difficult to watch.


Anonymous said...

Half truths and some instances lies. Not a good way to present your case. Also, you know real well that just like each state in America has their own license plate so does Israelis and Palestinians. To use one that is not registered is illegal. You know that in the US you would be arrested. At least be honest. But it appears that this is not your motive.

Halla said...

Hiding behind an Anonymous banner and making hit & run statements is cowardice because you will never admit that anyone in Israel could ever possibly be doing anything wrong.

But of course in the USA we are always right too! Because everyone is perfect, right anon?