Friday, March 20, 2009

Article from Seth Freedman: Israeli and Palestinian Officials Must Help Villagers Running the Settler Gauntlet

A few days ago, Tuwani was visited by Seth Freedman, a reporter from the Guardian who was a pleasure to take around over Tuwani's hills. Seth's first article on the situation here has now been published and I submit it for your reading pleasure.

With no one in either Israeli or Palestinian officialdom paying serious heed to their predicament, the situation will undoubtedly continue to deteriorate for the months and years to come. Tuwani and Tu'ba's suffering tells a far bigger story, in which the illegal and immoral expansion of settlements across the region brings misery and mayhem wherever it spreads; unless the brakes are applied soon, there will be no stopping the rot until it's far too late to turn back the clock.

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