Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Top Ten Reason Ma'on and Havot Ma'on Have Got to Go:
Reason Number Three: Settlers Harass and Attack Palestinians on a Daily Basis

The settlers of Havot Ma’on and Ma’on are waging a campaign of intimidation and violence aimed at driving Palestinians off of their land. In addition to attacking school children, settlers have insulted and threatened Palestinian farmers, as well as throwing stones, beating, and shooting them. This violence makes the daily tasks of living – everything from agricultural work to walking home through the hills – dangerous and terrifying for Palestinians. Here is an incomplete list of acts of violence settlers have perpetrated against Palestinians over the last two years:

- The Ma’on settlement security guard pushed a pregnant woman to the ground and stole the herbs she was gathering.

- Settlers attacked school children 14 times during the 2007-2008 school year and beat a CPT volunteer in the head with a rock.

- Settlers shot at Palestinians on four different occasions: January 13, 2008, March 26 2008, March 25 2009, and April 5th 2009.

- The Israeli army took three Palestinian boys, ages 10, 11, and 14, and delivered them to Ma’on settlement, where a group of masked adult settlers beat them.

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Anonymous said...

The conflict between israel and palistien is not new to the world.What one should aspect from an enemy.What is happening there is the result of intolrance, and denial of the historical fact. Such denial is also taking place here in India as well.In fact it appears to me that they are in confrontation with every where in the world therefore loosing sympathy even for a genuein cause.Untill the follower of Islam will not take a 'U' turn in their analysis of the facts, the on going confrontation will contimue .