Sunday, July 26, 2009

Israeli cellphone company Celcom released a new commercial recent that depicts the occupation as no big deal. "We all just want to have fun" soldiers say as they play soccer with across the Wall, with another group of players we never see. (Who are they? Palestinians? More soldiers? Settlers? How ever they are, they're invisible in this commercial.) It's pretty sick, but don't take my word for it. Watch it yourself:

The village of Bil'in has released a response to this commercial. They have in protesting the Wall that runs on their land for the last for years. Here's what really happens when the Israeli army returns the ball:

By the way, that's tear gas you see, which explains the masks and hazard suits Palestinians are wearing. I can tell you from experience that it's nasty stuff.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the add was harmless - a lot better than a suicide bomber in a pizza place! Someone called Israelinurse wasnt sure if the add was crass, but continued "We also have the downright cheek and audacity to demand the right to board a bus or eat a pizza or drink a coffee without being blown up. How terribly rude.
When you guys have put up with a whole month’s worth of consecutive 7/7 style suicide bombings -sometimes several a day -then we’ll see what kind of measures your government enforces to protect its people. I wonder if it would be anything as passive as a wall/fence.
And when you have witnessed a bus driver’s head arrive at the hospital 20 minutes after the rest of his body, or teenagers with 80% burns or a pretty girl disfigured for life by the schrapnel of an exploding bus, then maybe we can discuss again how ‘crass’ we Israelis are in comparisin with the ever tasteful and morally superior critics of our attempts to protect our children."
Again, you place Palestinian inconvenience as more important than Israeli lives!