Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some Electronic Housekeeping and Playing Well Together:

Hi readers! I want to point out of couple of changes to this blog and just do some general housekeeping here. First of all, thanks so much for reading. I'm a couple of entries away from my 365th post, which seems like some sort of blog-o-versary. Any way, I'm so glad that all of you are still reading. Please, leave comments! Let me know you're here. Ask questions and I'll answer them. Or not. Regardless, you are deeply appreciated.

Secondly, shiny new blog toys! I've made a couple of changes to the blog, all aimed at making it easier to read and to share. First on the side bar, to the right of this entry, under the videos you'll find a link to my twitter feed. Yes, I tweet! If you do too, take a moment to start following me. I'll tweet links to these posts, but also news from Tuwani and very occasionally things about myself. I'd love to follow you as well and see what all of the fine people reading this are up to. Next, notice that at the end of this post there's a little green button labeled "share this." Click on that and it's easy to send a link to that blog post pretty much any where. You can post it to facebook, your blog, twitter, or just email it to a friend. Take advantage of it! I certainly will.

Thirdly, a word on internet etiquette - pretty please identify yourself in some way when you comment! I don't mind if you don't have a blogger id or don't want to share your name or email - in fact, please remember not to share personal information you wouldn't want someone you don't know to find. But do identify yourself in some way - initials, an internet handle, whatever. I tend to assume that people do want to remain anonymous are doing so to mask their bad behavior. Palestinians and other people who write about this issue do receive threats and harassment. I have myself. If you don't want to be treated like an internet troll, please identify yourself.

That's all, readers. Take care and thanks again.


Diane Mason said...

Hello Joy_in_Palestine, and happy blogiversary.

Keep on keeping on!

joy_in_palestine said...

thanks so much!

Alicia said...

Hi, my name is Alicia and I was wondering if I could e-mail you a few questions that I have for a class report on the Palestinian struggle?
I've been reading through you blog for the past couple of weeks and they're really interesting. :)

joy_in_palestine said...

Sure, Alicia. I'd rather not give out my email here, but if you want to send me yours, just comment with it and I wont publish the comment. Looking forward to it.