Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Return of "I Saw in in Palestine" and Representative Brian Baird Speaks out for Gaza!

I'm baaaaaack! Or something like that. I've returned to Palestine and will be back to blogging (and tweeting! Can't forget that). On the 31st, I'll be participating in the Gaza Freedom March from the Erezt crossing, so check back here for updates on that in a few days.

In the meantime, check out Represenative Brain Baird's statement on US militatary Aid to Israel.

Rep. Baird says, "There will be a cost in dollars, in aid, in support, if some fundamental changes don't happen."

When it comes to Baird's position on Palestine, I'm increasingly proud to be able to say, "that's my congressperson!"

1 comment:

David said...

But not for long--he's decided not to go for reelection :-(

A real loss for us. We'll see what he does next, though...