Monday, May 17, 2010

At-Tuwani, A Graphic Novel: Whee! There's a website!

I mentioned earlier that I'm working on turning some of the essays on this blog into a graphic novel and I'm looking for a little help. If you would be interested in donating to this project, here's all of the information you need. If you can't donate, than consider forwarding this information on to your friends instead.


Small Boat Sails into Big Mystery said...

Joy, I am so looking forward to this project. I will pledge 10% of every lottery scratch ticket winning I get. (I'm actually a whole lot more into it than that but money doesn't seem to be flowing through my hands at this moment.)

joy_in_palestine said...

hey, thanks! I'm convinced that the positive mojo alone makes a really big difference. But maybe I should start playing the lottery too.... ;-)