Friday, July 28, 2006

31 Children in 31 days

According to Defense for Children International, the following
children have been killed by Israeli military actions in Gaza since 26
June 2006:

1. Anwar Isma'el Atallah, 12 years old
2. Saleh Sleman Al Jemasi, 16 years old
3. Ruwan Fareed Hajjaj, 5 years old
4. Khalid Nidal Abed Al Karim Wahbeh, 1 year old
5. Mahfouth Farid Nasseer, 15 years old
6. Ahmad Ghaleb Abu Amshah, 16 years old
7. Ahmed Fathi Odah Shabat, 16 years old
8. Waleed Mahmoud Al Zinati, 12 years old
9. Salah Adeen Hammad Abu Maktuma, 17 years old
10. Ibrahim Ali Khatoush, 15 years old
11. Mahmoud Muhammad Al Asar, 15 years old
12. Ibrahim Ali Al Nabaheen, 15 years old
13. Ahmad Abdil Mina'm Abu Hajaj, 16 years old
14. Nasrallah Nabil Abu Selmieh, 5 years old
15. Aya Nabil Abu Selmieh, 7 years old
16. Iman Nabil Abu Selmieh, 11 years old
17. Yahya Nabil Abu Selmieh, 9 years old
18. Huda Nabil Abu Selmieh, 13 years old
19. Basma Nabil Abu Selmieh, 15 years old
20. Sumaia Nabil Abu Selmieh, 16 years old
21. Raji Omar Deif Alla, 16 years old
22. Muhanna Sa'ed Mesleh, 16 years old
23. Ahmad Rawhee Abdo, 13 years old
24. Ali Kamil Al Najar, 13 years old
25. Fadwa Faisel al 'Urouqi, 13 years old
26. Mohammad Awad Muhra, 17 years old
27. Khitam Muhammad Tayeh, 11 years old
28. Nadee Habib Al Ataar, 11 years old
29. Saleh Ibrahim Nasser, 13 years old
30. Bashir Abdullah Awad Abu Thaher, 12 years old
31. Sabrine Naser Habib, 3 years old


Halla said...

o my god!! I count 7 just from one family alone!! oh wait, they must have been ALL militants(sarcasm)!!

Anonymous said...
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joy_in_palestine said...

Hi Kim. I know you, don't I? Man, it's a small Earlham world.

I'm glad that you saw the article. That's great. I'm glad that it's the situation in Palestine is getting out to a new section of Portland and I'm really glad that they have been willing to publish it.

As to your questions, yes I am back in Portland (right now!) and I'd love to get together and talk with you. I have another PSE friend whose moving to Portland in September and really wants to hang out with other people who are active on this issue.

And yeah, I think that there are a lot of things that can be done over here. This was actully my second trip to Palestine and I've managed to be quite active while I've been at home, mainly because I've had a really good support network. I've been doing a lot of speaking about what I've seen - in fact, I get almost more invitations for presentations than I can actually do. There are also several different organizations in town that I've worked with - Sabeel and Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights, for example. And actually, there's something coming up very soon that we need some help with. We're bring a replica of the Wall to the annual Peace and Justice Fair in Vancouver WA. It's on Sept 16th, and we'll need a lot of help with it. We need people to help set up and take down the Wall and we're trying to have a mock checkpoint as well. So if you would like to dress up as a soldier or get harrassed as a Palestinian, please come and help us! Don't worry, the checkpoint is going to be low-key - not a lot of screaming and shouting and no getting into anyone's face who hasn't asked to be apart of it. I think we're going to do it a lot like the one they had at Earlham a few years ago. Any way, there's that oppertunity and others.

Thanks for writing, Kim! I'll give you my email address and we can get together some time : jubilus AT gmail DOT com Please write and we'll trade phone numbers.