Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Palestine Fair Trade Association Featured on PBS Foreign Exchange!

Fair trade olive oil from Palestine, Canaan Fair Trade and the Palestine Fair Trade Association will be featured in a segment that will air on PBS Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria the weekend of April 20 - 22. Check the website for local listings and after the weekend for streaming video.

PS: No Sweat is now featuring shirts made in Bethlehem. Yay!


kris said...

Nice... I'll be working in Gaza this September and can't wait to try some great olive oil!

Anonymous said...

hey Joy, can I hit you up for something to print in the radical this month? there's only a couple of days until the deadline and no one's sent in anything yet.

joy_in_palestine said...

Um, sure. I can try to do that. I've gotta write something up for Dorothy Day House's newsletter any way, so what's another piece when you're already writing one.

Did you ever print "Finding God in the Darkness"? It's pretty good, I think, and probably better then what I might come up with tomorrow.

And by the way, I'm looking in the volunteer opportunities in July and the LA Catholic Worker came to you know if there's any hope of a spot during July? ;-)

Oh, and by the way, soon and very soon our new zine "Pieces of Palestine" is going to FINALLY be finished. This isn't monthly, like the Radical. It's been such a monumental task that I REALLY don't know how you do this month after month.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I do it either to tell you the truth... It's the grace of God more than sheer force of will I'm sure. I don't think I used that already, thanks. Did you send this to me before?

Anonymous said...

Man it would be awsome to volunteer with you at the LACW, they have a summer internship program that starts June 26th and goes to August 6th. I'll be doing that this summer, it would be totally rad to volunteer with you there you can get more info from their website. I don't know if they have any more space but if you've got the time and they have the room I can't endorse it enough.

they also take volunteers at other times of the year but the summer internship is the only sort of formal deal they got going on.