Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tuwani Time line: 26-28 March 2008

When this blog fall silent, like the last month, generally it means that too much has been going on for me to catch my breath. Here's a run down of the last few days. It's

On Wednesday the 26th settlers shoot Shaadi's sheep (see previous entry)

On Thursday the 27th, shepherds from all of the surrounding villages come to the valley where the shooting took place and stand with Shaadi as he grazes he sheep. Together, they graze up to the settler road just before the settlement tree line, in other words, to the edge of the settlement itself. The action is, as Tuwani actions are, completely nonviolent. We all celebrate a small victory.

On the morning of Friday the 28th, a shepherd and his elderly father graze their sheep inside the village of Tuwani. A group of 8-10 Israeli settler attack them, spraying an aerosol spray on the face of the father and in the eyes of his son. A hour later, the son is arrested by the Israeli police, after a settler accuses him of breaking his sun glasses. Police do not arrest the settlers or even tell them to leave Tuwani's land.

In the evening, 3 settlers drive through the village of Tuwani. They throw rocks at children and a woman carrying a baby. Then they put on masks and stand at the edge of the settlement easily visible from Tuwani, until the Israeli army arrives in the village. Palestinians spend the night worrying about a nighttime attack.

On Saturday the 29th, the Israeli army and police allow settlers to spend most of the day in Tuwani, where they threaten, intimidate and moon Palestinians. It's frankly impossible to describe the terror that this group of 20 settlers inflicted on unarmed Palestinians just trying to live in their homes. The settlers attacked and harassed Palestinian children on their ways toand from school. More details are available in the next two postings.

From Sunday to today, things have been quiet. I've spent my time waiting for the release of our friend and praying that some how things will get better for Tuwani.

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