Sunday, July 27, 2008

Settlers attacked the school children on their way home from summer camp today. The kids were able to escape, but a teammate of mine was beaten. He's all right - check the CPT website for details as they are released.

Over the next week, this blog will continue to be automatically updated with entries that I wrote yesterday. Those entries will still be interesting but they wont be a relevant as they were yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I got your voice mail, but my phone is dying (my phone, not my battery!) so i couldn't hear it. This is what it was all about. I can't find anything on the CPT website!

Want to call me at 2 pm my time, tomorrow (Monday) at work? Can't make/receive phone calls on my cell, but I can still text.

Thinking of you all! Love you, too!

michalea said...

I found your blog through a circuitous route. I am so impressed with the work you are doing. I'm putting a link to this in my blog, because more people should know.