Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Updates from Tuwani, a.k.a. Skype hates me slightly less

"Why did you call and not answer and call and not answer?" was the first question my friend in Tuwani asked when I called

"Um, there was a problem with my computer. I finally fixed it." Skype has been driving me crazy. I've been E.T. trying to phone what feels like home for the last week. I finally got through today. Boy it was good to hear the sounds of At-Tuwani.

"You guys getting any sleep?" was the first question I asked.

"Eh, a bit." was the answer. Settlers are still in Tuwani every night. The family who lives in the house closest to them, the house that was attacked a couple of weeks ago, are still not sleeping. I wish I were surprised.

Apparently, though, the army has also gone completely insane. They were hanging around everywhere. In fact they were still in the village at 8:30 pm, when I called. "They were driving through the olive trees looking for a BMW earlier today," I was told.

"A BMW? Who has a BMW? The settlers don't even have BMWs!" I exclaimed.

"And how would a BMW drive through an olive grove?"

Um, good point.

So that's the news from Tuwani, more or else. As ever, life goes on. My friend tells me everyone is doing well enough. Apparently, the house where I used to live is being re-plastered. I'm impressed. "What can we do? Nothing. So we're just laughing, laughing with everyone."

Yep, that's Tuwani.

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