Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You totally want to support the 2010 Women's Cooperative Tour! (What's this? A Blog Post?)

Oh, blog. You're wonderful and all, but sometimes my life is too exciting for you. It's just beyond your scope. See, I've been working away on my graphic novel about Tuwani. Yeah, it's kind of like turning this blog into a giant comic book. In other words, it's fantastic. But I'll be back to you soon. I promise. Until then, here's something totally cool that I know you'll totally want to support. Wait, you're a blog and you don't have money. Wait, let me stop talking to you and start talking to your readers. This is getting a little weird...

Hey, I'm certain you incredibly generous, wonderful people will be excited to read the letter below. It's about an exciting project to spent Keifah (one of the regular heroes of this blog) to Italy on a speaking tour. Read it and give as much as you call. At least spend us some love - nice, free love.

We may not currently have the might of the Israeli army nor the power of traditions confining us in certain roles, however, we know that one woman standing behind another in a line of solidarity is a force more powerful than both.

- Keifah Addera, At-Tuwani Women's Coperative

Dear friends and supporters of At-Tuwani village,

We would like to invite you to support a force more powerful than violence: the voices of Palestinian women. In late November 2010 , Humanity Together will host Keifah Addera and her husband Nasser on a speaking tour in Italy. Keifah will be speaking about the experiences of women in At-Tuwani as they nonviolently resist both the Israeli occupation and sexism. We hope that you will consider financially supporting this exciting project.

The people of At-Tuwani have often told their allies that the most important way we can support their struggle is to share their stories in our own communities. Keifah Addera, the organizer of the At-Tuwani Women's Cooperative, is a powerful voice uniquely able to speak about the resistance of Palestinian women. While in Italy, Keifah will speak about the effect of the Israeli occupation and settler violence on women and children in Tuwani as well as the women's cooperative's work for justice and gender equality. Keifah's husbandwill speak about his experiences as a prisoner in Israeli jail after being arrested for his participation in nonviolent demonstrations. Keifah and Nasser will present at the annual Italian Pax Christi peace conference as well as other public meetings in Rome, Trento, Ravenna, and several other locations.

Few Tuwani residents are as experienced in speaking with visitors as Keifah. She often hosts groups in Tuwani and has a rare talent for creating relationships with the people she meets. For this reason we are excited by the opportunities for building international support and women's solidarity that this trip will provide. We are trying to raise 2,500 euros to cover the cost of flights, visa procedures, lodging, transportation in Italy, and food expenses. To donate, follow this link to our Pay Pal. Thank you so much for your support

In solidarity,

Humanity Together

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