Thursday, May 11, 2006

Occupied Voices: Bethlehem Bloggers

To continue my efforts to highlight the voices of Palestinians, and to continue preparing for my own experiences living in Bethlehem, I'm excited to recommend Bethlehem Bloggers.

At the entrance to Bethlehem - a gap in the 25ft high cement wall that surrounds and strangles this tiny city - the observant traveler, stopped at the checkpoint, might take notice the following spray-painted on to the wall: "Welcome to the Ghetto:"

The Bethlehem Bloggers, who dare to use Israel's Wall as advertising space, call their blog "A window for you to look in; to see past the walls, barbed wire fences, and the media distortions; to hear from the people in Bethlehem themselves."

A further review of Bethlehem Bloggers and comments on the potential power of Palestinian blogs can be found here.

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