Wednesday, May 10, 2006

US Freeze on Medical Aid Takes its Toll
by Tim Butcher, Telegraphy/UK

The United States has stopped providing medical supplies to Palestinian hospitals as part of Washington's sanctions against Hamas.

The decision is believed to be dramatically lowering the standard of health care in Gaza and the West Bank where patients are going untreated because of a lack of essential medical supplies. More here

This reminds me of the way that the Iraqi people bore the brunt of US sanctions "against Sadam Hussein." We need to ask ourselves one very simple question: should the people of Palestine suffer because Hamas is in power? If the answer to that question is yes, we simply must realign our values. Do we believe in the right of a people to elect a government or not? Is democracy only desirable until it conflicts with American domination and control? If we answer that we still believe in democracy and we believe in the right of a people to decent life, then Americans need to raise our voices and tell our leaders that we can’t tolerate this any longer.

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