Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nearly immediately upon arriving in at-Tuwani after my break in the states, this is what Palestinians asked me to document:

Yeah, those are three dead goats. They were killed by an Israeli settler who ran his car into them. The driver hit two more, breaking their legs. Actually, his license plate began embedded in the horns of one of the goats. That's the only reason the Palestinian owner was able to file a police report. Details can be found here:

This is just sick. I'm sorry that I don't have more profound analysis, there isn't much to say. Lately, settlers have been attacking sheep in the South Hebron Hills seemly at every opportunity because they know that deters financially-strapped shepherds even more than attacking the people themselves. And that's just sick. Enough said.


Karin said...

That is MORE than sickening indeed!!
I have been to this area, to Yatta and Tuwani ect. ... have been guest of one of the cave dwellers (I was an activist, we brought them big bags of clothes, shoes and heating materials) and got to know and love the folks there!

Would you mind giving me your e-mail please? I'd like to ask you a bit more specificly about a boy who was shot in his abdomen by a settler and survived - I visited him and his family every single day at the hospital some eight or nine years ago ... maybe you'd be able to find out how he is!

joy_in_palestine said...

I don't feel comfortable posting my email here - though I'm game for critical comments, I don't want to get nasty emails. But if you want to post your email, I'd be happy to drop you a line. I'm not sure how much help I can be about something that happened nine years ago, but I'm very happy to try!