Saturday, June 28, 2008

Well, yesterday the Israeli army rebuilt the roadblock on the road to Yatta. You should have seen the faces of my neighbors and heard their sighs. Then, a couple of hours later, we discovered that the Israeli army had left demolition orders for the village's new well and at least four other structures in the village of Mfughra, a smaller village about 20 minute walk away from At-Tuwani. While all of this was happening, I was laying down, sweating and vomiting and drinking electrolytes. (I'm now in Hebron and feeling a little better, for those of you who are concerned.) Let me tell you, it was a great day.

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alajnabiya said...

Salamtik! I hope you feel better soon. My oldest son has been down with a fever for several days too. Not that there is good weather for being sick, but this is awful weather for it.