Monday, March 01, 2010

Israeli Apartheid Week 2010!

So my friends, it's Israeli Apartheid Week. Yep, you heard what I said. And here's my question for all of you - what will you be doing to mark it? Seriously, leave me a comment and let me now what you'll be doing this week to let people know about the crimes of apartheid that Israel is committing against Palestinians. Inspire me! The best answer will receive a fabulous prize. I'm not joking. :-)

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Kay Ellison said...

I think a huge apartheid act that Israel does to Palestinians is the separation of usage of electricity. Since there are actually 2 power grids, one run out from Israel to the settlement, and one run from Yata on the Palestinian grid, you'd think that Tuwani could at least join the Palestinian grid. But no. Even when Palestine would produce the power, and when the poles and wire would not be Israeli, they don't allow the little town of Tuwani to have electricity. This is a crime in this century! Kay Ellison