Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amira Hass covers the attack on the Raba'i family

If you've been keeping up here, you've read all about the day on which soldiers attacked the Raba'i family and torture Musab Raba'i for several hours. Amira Hass is now writing about the incident and her article is worth a read: Settlers' call sends Palestinian shepherd to IDF beating - Haaretz - Israel News

Here's the bit of it I love, describing the police integration of Musab's brothers following the incident:

They say the military policewoman asked them, "Which terror group do you belong to?" Juma answered: "I don't understand." She said: "To Hamas, to Fatah?"

And he replied: "No, I'm in a third group."

"Which?" she asked, her eyes lighting up.

"The group of the small farmers."

By the way, I'm home in the States right now, so this blog is going to be a little quiet for a while. Take care of yourselves.

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